Prevailing weather conditions have a tremendous impact on the safety of navigating vessels on Moreton Bay.  The links below will provide you with the latest weather information for the region from the Bureau of Meteorology

QLD Marine Forecast


Weather Radar


Marine Wind Forecast


Cyclone Warnings


Brisbane's Climate

Brisbane is a subtropical paradise, blessed with wonderful, warm sunshine throughout the year. Boasting a long-term annual average high temperature of 26.4C and minimum low of 16C, Brisbane has the perfect climate for life in the great outdoors.

It characteristically has a hot and humid period between October and March, with occasional thunderstorms, hail and torrential rain more common. The months between April and September are traditionally dry and moderately warm.

In December-January, the city can experience daily temperatures of 40C but it rarely reaches heatwave conditions. Daily average highs for those hotter months are 32C.