Covid19 Update

Like the entire community worldwide, Brisbane Marine Pilots is grappling to come to terms with the unfolding Covid19 pandemic and its immediate and long terms effects for us all. The pilots and staff at BMP would like to reassure our local community that we will continue to provide our services to the Port of Brisbane. The company has enacted its Business Continuity Plan and put in place a number of stringent policies to limit contact to possible sources of infection and to ensure that our pilots, launch crew and support teams are here to continue this vital service to Queensland. We continue to work closely with Maritime Safety Queensland and to ensure disruptions to shipping are as minimal as possible. In this regard, we are pleased to be able to provide our ongoing support to MSQ. BMP has made a commitment to do everything it can to assist MSQ during this very challenging time. We urge you all to follow directions from the government health departments to keep you and your loved ones safe. Together we will get through this.