We endeavor to always be an employer of choice

We endeavor to always be an employer of choice

We recognise that our people are our biggest asset and strive to develop leading workplaces that maximise their full potential. We achieve this through best practices that demonstrate end to end employee recruitment, on boarding engagement and strong retention which offer our people a career.

We employ approximately 70 people to perform a variety of Pilotage, Management, Administrative, Launch and Operational duties across our Company, being Brisbane Marine Pilots

We take the health and wellbeing of our people seriously and encourage all our people to make the most of their entitlements and flexible working arrangements. We offer to find balance between their careers and family.

Marine Pilot

Applications for the vacancy of Marine Pilot have closed and recruitment is currently underway.

Training and Recruitment

Our pilot recruitment procedure has developed over the last 30 years to today’s exceptional standards ensuring that all necessary consideration is given to finding the right people for the job.  Our training program is world-class and has been developed over years under the direction of and with the input of pilots experienced in the intricacies of pilotage in Brisbane. The ever-evolving training program is tailored to suite the experience level of the incoming pilot, be that with previous pilotage experience or not, and exceeds standards set by our regulator.  The hands-on training is supplemented by work in the simulator to ensure a fully-rounded training experience.