Our Vision

Brisbane Marine Pilots is committed to ensuring the safe and efficient navigation of ships within the Moreton Bay Marine Park.  We approach pilotage with a focused diligence and dedication, enabling our team of marine pilots to deliver an exceptional level of service. 

We respect the trust placed in us by the Port Operator, State Government, port services and, importantly, the community to protect Moreton Bay Marine Park and the Port of Brisbane, both critical to Queensland’s economy.


In everything we do, safety is our priority.
We safely navigate over 6,000 movements of vessels within the Port of Brisbane annually.

Service Excellence

We leverage our proven knowledge, systems and expertise to provide excellent service.
Our systems have been developed specifically for pilotage in the Port of Brisbane.


Doing what’s right for our staff, our clients and the Port.
We are dedicated to protecting both Moreton Bay Marine Park and the Port of Brisbane to support Queensland’s economic future.


Close collaboration drives safe, effective partnerships.
We work closely with ships’ captains and crews, the Port of Brisbane, Maritime Safety Queensland and others to deliver safe pilotage every time.


Steering our pilots from the shore through Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance and Payroll, Systems Management, Operations and Logistics and Executive Leadership.


We maintain an auditable standard across all areas of our operations and maintain all relevant external accreditations.

ISPO International Standard for Pilot Organisations
ISO Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems

Pilot Recruitment

Our pilot recruitment procedure has developed over the last 30 years to today’s exceptional standards ensuring that all necessary consideration is given to finding the right people for the job.  Our training program is world-class and has been developed over years under the direction of and with the input of pilots experienced in the intricacies of pilotage in Brisbane. The ever-evolving training program is tailored to suite the experience level of the incoming pilot, be that with previous pilotage experience or not, and exceeds standards set by our regulator.  The hands-on training is supplemented by work in the simulator to ensure a fully-rounded training experience.