Our People

A team that leads from the land and the sea.

The journey to becoming a marine pilot involves years of seafaring to gain a broad understanding of the complexities of ship operations in a wide range of contexts.   

Pilots must undergo an intensive training period to gain an initial licence for the Port of Brisbane.  Licencing is a graduated process of training and hands-on practice to ensure limits are not exceeded whilst experience is being gained.  A Brisbane Marine Pilot will generally take 2 years to reach an Unrestricted Level 1 licence for the Port. 

The training and learning does not stop here.  Throughout their careers, pilots will undergo training, and annual assessments.  Pilots will often undertake training in ship simulators to test the limits of weather and skill.  This is an invaluable tool to challenge our pilots in a low-risk environment. 

Our Launch Crew are a highly skilled group of Pilot Vessel Masters, Deckhands and Engineers that not only ensure the safe transfer of pilots, but also maintain our pilot vessels to the highest standards. 

One the shoreside, our Administration and Operations Team are skilled professionals in their fields that ensure that our business works exactly as it should.

Striving for excellence

Brisbane Marine Pilots recognises our success comes from a talented and diverse workforce.  Our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people. BMP is committed to seeking out and retaining the finest human talent to ensure business growth and performance.

We employ approximately 70 people to perform a variety of Pilotage, Management, Administrative, Launch and Operational duties across our Company.

We take the health and wellbeing of our people seriously and encourage all our people to find work/life balance utilising their entitlements and flexible working arrangements.