About Us

This is our story.

Every person in the Brisbane Marine Pilots’ team plays an important role in facilitating trade to the Port of Brisbane, whilst keeping the fragile marine environment safe and protecting vital port infrastructure. 

Our team of dedicated marine pilots, launch crew and support staff, while our Board of Directors provides high-level strategic direction for the organisation’s future.  Our Board is comprised of working marine pilots and external corporate governance experts ensuring Brisbane Marine Pilots remains at the forefront of emerging trends and changes in the governance landscape.



Safe pilotage of more than 140,000 vessels since 1989

$5 million

Amount of money invested in technology and innovation since 1989


Percentage of suppliers from


Work experience positions provided
since 1989

200+ hours

Volunteering time at the Mission to Seafarers annually

$50 billion

Amount of trade facilitated through
the port annually

Our team are there for you

Brisbane Marine Pilots was officially established as an independent organisation in 1989. Since then, we have systematically been capturing the local knowledge, skills and methodologies that were historically passed between pilots.


One Port. Our Port.

Our service and advice is completely independent of the government, international ship owners and Port operators. This enables us to make balanced risk management decisions and facilitate equitable access to the Port for all users.