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Safety is paramount in all that we do. Across all areas of our operations, we are unwavering in delivering safety and confidence – to our staff, our clients, the community and the environment.

We respect the inherent risks associated with the movement of large ships through the Moreton Bay Marine Park to the Port of Brisbane. We also know that these risks can be effectively managed.

We believe the best outcomes come from a systematic approach to safety and we always perform with supreme care. 

Our service and advice is completely independent of the government, international ship owners and Port operators. This enables us to make balanced risk management decisions and facilitate equitable access to the Port for all users.

To manage risk in a highly dynamic environment, our pilots must make time-critical decisions utilising all available resources and technology. Each pilot is responsible for managing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of ship and cargo during transits into the sensitive Bay area. They are the frontline of safety, ensuring that risk of a maritime, critical infrastructure or environmental disaster is kept to a minimum.

We’re proud of our history of excellence in safety and service.

We lead the way in many safety initiatives, including the development of a comprehensive Safety Management System. Our early adoption of a systematic approach to safety is now being mirrored by other pilotage organisations around the world.


A Part of Your Community

A key pillar of our commitment to safety is environmental safety. The waters off Queensland’s coast support several diverse, unique and thriving ecosystems. From reefs to mangroves, the flora and fauna of Moreton Bay Marine Park make it a natural wonder. Moreton Bay Marine Park has been declared a RAMSAR site as an internationally recognized wetland of significant value to Australia, its animals and the biodiversity of the world. For this reason, a vital part of our mandate is ensuring its protection and long-term sustainability. Our operations are always conducted with environmental safety at the forefront of all we do.